Nicholas Sparks

When we were on our way to New Bern, N.C., we knew only two things: 1. We would be taking a tiny, propeller plane to the small southern town, and 2. We were about to meet the man who is singlehandedly responsible for some of the best-known love stories of our time.

For the book tour launch of his latest novel, “The Longest Ride,” we met Nicholas Sparks—bestselling author, producer and the guy who helped make Ryan Gosling… well, Ryan Gosling—in his hometown of more than 20 years.

At his neighborhood Target store, Nicholas signed nearly 4,000 books for thousands of fans in 13 hours. Folks came from near and far (some even slept on the sidewalk overnight!) to meet him and hear about his latest love story, a tale of two couples whose parallel lives intersect in unexpected ways.

We were there bright and early to sit down with Nicholas and chat about his book, including which actors he envisions playing the lead roles in the film adaptation and, of course, love.

Check out our interview below, and pick up an exclusive Target copy of “The Longest Ride,” which includes a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration behind the novel.

Also offered in Spanish language edition

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